Ambassadors of Peace - Colours and Emotions

Art workshops for children of all ages!

Exhibition opening at Reykjavík City Hall Saturday 15 February at 14.00 where guests of all ages can take part in three different workshops between 14.00 and 16.00.

Students from Fellaskóli, Laugarnesskóli and Austurbæjarskóli created the artwork in the workshop “Colors and Emotions” organised by Fríða María Harðardóttir for Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre’s peace education course Ambassadors of Peace.

Opening remarks by Pawel Bartoszek, President of the Reykjavík City Council

Auður Örlygsdóttir, Project Manager at Höfði Reykjavík Peace Centre, and Juan Camilo, Counsellor and a non-formal educator in the Youth Reach Centers of Reykjavík city for vulnerable youth, briefly present the peace education and the course Ambassadors of Peace

Fríða María Harðardóttir, art teacher, presents the workshop “Colors and Emotions” and the artwork on display at the exhibition

“Sounds and Poems”, by Angela and Ignacio
“Colors and Emotions”, by Fríða María & Andrea Magdalena

“Aristotle's Cafe”, by Elín Kristjánsdóttir

The exhibition is open until Thursday, 20 February.