The 3rd Spirit of Humanity Forum

The 3rd Spirit of Humanity Forum "Caring for a World in Transition: Building a Foundation for a Loving and Peaceful World" that takes place in Iceland on April 27th - 29th, invites you to come and see the movie "A Quest for Meaning".

The Forum is held in cooperation with The City of Reykjavik, Höfði Reykjavik Peace Center, Education 4 Peace Foundation, Pure Land Foundation, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Fetzer Institute and Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace.

Dance students from the Art Academy of Iceland will premiere dance piece composed for the Spirit of Humanity Forum 2017.

Free admission - registration at

The film tells the story of two childhood friends who leave everything behind to go question the workings of the world. This incredible, life-changing journey across America, Europe, and Asia encourages us to reconsider our relationship with nature, happiness, and the meaning of life.

The film features among others Vandana Shiva, Satish Kumar, Pierre Rabhi, Bruce Lipton, Trinh Xuan Thuan, Herve Kempf, Frederic Lenoir.

The directors Nathanaël Coste and Marc de la Menardière will be attending the event with leaders and change-makers from all over the world in the field of peace-building, environmental issues and education to take part in discussions after the film.