Ideas for Peace

We believe that by pooling together knowledge from individuals, different academic schools of thought, international organizations as well as from civil society working towards peace and for non-violence it is possible to create a deeper understanding of what peace means, how each individual can work towards peace and thereby help to build peaceful communities. By starting small we will be able to contribute to peace on a global level.   

“For peace is not the absence of war, but a quality that springs from spiritual strength.”

– Spinoza


The roots of war are unsolved conflict and/or unconciled trauma. The root of conflict is incompatible goals. Conflicts are solved by making them compatible, through mediation finding what the parties want and a vision of a new reality with reasonably compatible goals. The root of trauma is past violence. Traumas are conciled by clearing the past and creating a future, through conciliation wishing the violence undone, and proposing future cooperative joint projects.

- Johan Galtung, the founder of the discipline of peace studies

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